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Hospital Profile

The Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University (former Dalian Railroad Hospital) was established in 1907. It is an A-level hospital at top grade with a land area of more than 80,000㎡ and a construction area of more than 160,000 ㎡, it is integrated with medical serves, academic and scientific research. It has established wide cooperation and communication with Dalian University, Dalian Medical University and Zunyi Medical University. It undertakes practice tasks for 5 levels of students including master training in 16 majors.

The hospital provides 2200 beds. There are 2887 employees, including 381 chief and vice-chief physicians, and 406 master and Ph.D staffs. The hospital sets up 65 clinical and medical-technology sections, 38 specialized sections and 59 expert outpatient clinic, 20 characteristics outpatient clinic, 22 teaching and research groups and 1 clinical skill training center. Department of Osteomicrosurgery, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Stomatology, Rehabilitation, Respiration, Liver& Gall and Vascular are the key first-rate specialties of Dalian city. Particularly, department of orthopedics is the national and provincial level clinical key faculty, laboratory of Department of orthopedics is provincial clinical key faculty, moreover laboratory of tumor biological therapy and gene detection laboratory, brain function and brain disease magnetic resonance laboratory system are Dalian city’s clinical key faculty. Our hospital has formed a number of key departments such as Intervention, Breast Surgery, Cardiology, Lithology, Cerebral vascular and ophthalmology. Under 2012 Dalian City project about increasing medical soft power, the hospital has been approved for a training center and seven treatment base construction tasks.

The hospital completed a 72900 square meters of new outpatient building with subterranean three-layer underground and five floors on the ground. The whole building is divided into outpatient, emergency center (ICU), test center, rehabilitation center, health management center, teaching area, business district, underground parking. This new building can accommodate 5000-7000 people per day. There are a total of 1100 parking spaces, ground and underground, fully meet the needs of patients; furthermore, in addition, this building sets a parking apron to meet the emergency rescue need for Dalian city and its remote areas.

The hospital is furnished with large modern advanced medical equipments, such as 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, dual source Flash CT, 128 rows of CT, digital mammography, linear accelerator, ECT, large digital subtraction angiography machine, CO2 laser treatment machine, three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, rehabilitation robot, osteoporosis treatment machine, full automatic biochemical pipeline, these fully meet the clinic needs.

Drived by developing the hospital with science and technology, it is responsible for over200 national scientific research projects in recent years and has acquired more than 100 awards of science and technological development and achievements The hospital actively undertakes international academic communications, it has established wide cooperation and communication with several medical institutes of Japan, South Korea and USA, etc.

The hospital has been consecutively awarded the honor titles such as “National Advanced Collectiveness in Health”, “Top 10 Hospital” in National Railroad Ministry ; “Top 20 Hospital” in Liaoning Province”, “Hospital that people trust”, “Advanced Unit on Imagination Projects in Health in Liaoning Province”, “Advanced Collective on Construction of Medical Morality and Style”, “Demonstration Unit on Excellent Service in Liaoning Province” and others. On the list of ranking of hospital operation and management, published by Liaoning Province Hospital Association, the Zhongshan Hospital is ranked in the fourth place among 34 comprehensive hospitals.

Followed the “not to do the most, but for the most refined” concept, the Zhongshan Hospital is trying to build a university-affiliated hospital that provides high quality of medical services and medical training/research program, as well as a comfortable hospital environment.


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